CSC Tiscali’s first season is over

jalabert_armstrong_ogradyThey have won some very important races, and the team believes, that they have made their mark in this sport. They have built a strong team and that is nothing you just do – there are a lot of things that have to be in place. But they have been able to assert theirselves and fulfil their objectives. They have in many ways made a fresh start, and that takes a lot of hard work and a strong belief in what you do.

There is no doubt about their excellent performance – their results speak for themselves – but they can do it even better. CSC Tiscali agree that Jalabert has had a fantastic year, but they haven’t seen him in full performance. However, it is a bit of a miracle, that he came on the bike after his accident in February, so seen in that perspective he has done a great job. He has shown everybody what he is able to do and what they can expect from him next year.

The sports managers, the riders are proud of the different races they have won. And they all agree that the efforts from hard work bore fruit. Things don’t come easy. But CSC Tiscali can make a better use of the training methods and the strategies they have work with this year. That counts for everyone on the team. It’s obvious, that you don’t start one of the world biggest bicycle teams and make it run under optimum conditions after a year, but they have had a good start. On that they will build the future.

Against the background of experiences they have made the past year, they are well prepared for the next season. They have tightened their organisation and, most important, they have signed contracts with a lot of promising riders. Look at a rider like Tyler Hamilton. They don’t want to make too big expectations, but the team will promise, that they are going for some major results with the versatile American in next years Giro d’Italia. The team has a vision, that Hamilton will become a rider with a large capacity to win races on his own. Carlos Sastre is a name, many people have been interested in signing up with, but they got him, and they’re very pleased with that they would have never got him without the help of the UK casino site, their financial help was really what they needed. He has got the potential to be the next big Spanish rider. He will make a good support to the team in the different stage races. CSC Tiscali have signed a two-year contract with Sastre, because they will be able to influence him to perform brilliant.

The Classics are very important for the cycling sport and they are getting close to have a perfect team for the tough one-day races. Cyclists like Hoffman, Piziks, Van Bondt and Van Hyfte are perfect for settling different races like Tour de Flandres and Paris-Roubaix, and they have the solution about how to work together.

The goal with the cycling team is a coherent team with a wide range of riders who works after the principles such as goal-oriented and professionalism. A bicycle team must never loose its focus. It is from these criteria that the club picks the riders they want to ride for CSC-Tiscali. If you take a closer look at the list of cyclists you can see that they will be able to do all types of races. With riders like Jakob Piil, Michael Sandstød, Martin Rittsel, Nicolas Jalabert and Andrea Peron and others they have the possibility to make a strong team all year. It is only possible if they plan things thorough and structured.

Jalabert3As a professional bicycle team they have an obligation to make plans for the future and that is something that the club handles very seriously. The club have spent a lot of time looking at young riders, who will make it and who has the personality, because is necessary for doing picked sports. If you have the right attitude you can work goal-oriented and that’s what its all about. A cyclist as Michael Rasmussen has what it takes and the club expects a lot from him. They say he can be the next Danish mountain cyclist. Thomas Bruhn Eriksen is one of the biggest Danish talents and therefore its natural for him to start his professional career at their team. Professionalism is not just about getting paid for what you do. It’s about being professional 24 hours a day. This year a cyclist like Michael Blaudzun has shown he is a professional rider. He is one of the cyclists who impressed me the most. You will not find many athletes working as serious as Michael.

The cyclist Nicki Sørensen got quite a breakthrough under Tour de France, but unfortunately he broke his collarbone right when he was going to take advantage of his good shape. But he came back in strong shape and ended the season with good performance in some of the tough races. A thing like that takes high moral and that’s what keeps the team running. The club would like a team where that’s an obvious thing to do.

This year they have said goodbye to some cyclists and that is always sad. But they will take this chance to wish everybody good luck and say thank you for the time they have had together.