Training Programme

Here on this page, you can obtain your own personal training programme from Jesper Skibby.

To enable Jesper Skibby to put together a tailor-made training programme especially for you, you will have to fill out some details on the next page regarding your level of ambition.

As in many other sports, it’s important to have good equipment. If you’re going to perform at your best over these precisely planned training distances, it’s vital to have a bike that matches your body.

Most important of all is the actual frame, which must under no circumstances ever be too long. A frame that doesn’t match your body can have catastrophic consequences for your back and lumbar region.

Your bike has to have the right dimensions, which means, amongst other things, that the saddle and handlebars must be correctly adjusted, and it has to have the right amount of air in the tyres. The most important thing is not to have the most expensive bike around, but rather to have a talk with your local cycle dealer for some advice and guidance on how to get the best out of your bike.

If you have a cycle computer, get your bicycle dealer to adjust it correctly, so that it suits your level. Your cycle computer will give you a pretty accurate picture of what your training programme ought to look like.

On the next page, you have to fill out the relevant form fields so that the contents will match your needs. Jesper Skibby will then provide some suggestions for a training programme for you to follow.