Looking forward

They finished the Tour de France as one the strongest teams in the sport today. Two stage victories, the mountain jersey and some aggressive riding in the last week are the good results they took home from a race that put Team CSC Tiscali on everyone’s lips.

The ambitions we had from the beginning of the season have started to become reality and this means more results in the coming races.

They are riding for Jalabert
A total distance of 248 kilometres is covered by a 6-lap race in the heart of Zurich. The race is very beautiful and hot-tempered. It has been held since 1914, one year dominated by Danish Rolf Sørensen.

JalabertMeisterschaft von Zurich is one of the season’s last one-day races, and as usual everybody is fighting for the important World Cup points. Besides there is off course a lot of prestige to win the largest and toughest one-day race in Switzerland.

They have set a team consisting of both young talents and experienced stars. With Laurent as team captain, they have a chance to win the race. If he finds his shape from San Sabastian again, he can be very dangerous on the hilly ride. With an injured Nicki Sørensen it is primarily Piil and Blaudzun who can give Jalabert the support he needs.

They look forward to a very exciting race in Zurich, where in keeping with tradition a fantastic race is taking place.