News From Race

A dull day in Zurich

The CSC Tiscali riders participated in the Swiss World Cup race, Meisterschaft von Zurich, in complete obscurity.

Marcelino Garcia was the only one to fully complete, in a race where Laurent Jalabert early on said, that he wasn’t fit.

”At the last but one round, Jalabert came to an end. He was tired today and didn’t have a chance to mix the big ones. It is not good enough that Garcia is the only one to finish, but that was the way it had to be today”, said Bjarne Riis, who came to the Swiss race with a weakened line up, as Nicki Sørensen broke his collarbone last week during Vuelta Burgos.

Uplifting news on a dull day in Zurich, was the great potential shown by Italian Giampaolo Caruso. Riis has had an eye on the young Italian for a longer period and might be planning to bring him in on the team.