Great Riding by CSC Tiscali in Tour of Lombardy

The last leg of the World Cup was ridden from Varese to Bergamo in the extremely hilly landscape around lake Como in northern Italy. Michael Rasmussen was poised to play a decisive role for CSC Tiscali, but succumbed to the rain and slippery slopes of the race. Instead, Michael Blaudzun and not least Nicki Sørensen showed that they had the form and the motivation to finish the season in style. Nicki Sørensen finished around 25th place, Blaudzun a little further behind. Marcelino Garcia completed the race and finished with the last pack. No more than 45-50 riders managed to complete the hard course.

”I’m quite satisfied with my riders’ performance. It’s impressive that Nicki manages to end the season in this style. He didn’t ride the World Championships, but has trained hard for the last races down here and deserves a lot of credit. I would like to stress that this race is extremely tough, and that’s why it’s so impressive that he comes through it so well. And Blaudzun showed once again that he’s a man you can count on”, said Bjarne Riis in the pouring rain after the race.